Rail Yard Safety is Our Number One Priority

At Railserve, safety is not just a program, it is a core value.

Our goal is to be the safest industrial switching provider in the industry. To that end, our safety program shows genuine concern for the health and safety of our employees and customers. Railserve’s defined, documented, and measurable safety process promotes a safe working environment.

We Designed Our Safety Processes with Practicality and Flexibility.

Key elements of our methods include:

Behavior-based Safety
Our behavior-based Crew Audit and Critical Work Habits Checklist use a process approach. It emphasizes that every job has critical steps. If done safely, they will result in an injury-free employee. An integral part of safety is to ensure employees follow safety policies and rules. One of the ways we do this is to perform weekly audits for compliance with our regulations. We then correct any at-risk behavior immediately. If necessary, we’ll provide further training for the employee. In addition, we provide timely and specific positive reinforcement to the worker.

Quarterly Safety Bonus
Each location can earn a bonus based on its safety performance to emphasize team safety.

Safety Rule Book
Railserve subscribes to the principle that all accidents and injuries can be prevented. Therefore, we expect our employees to work by the rules. Each employee receives a copy of the Safety Rule Book from which each they are trained and tested to ensure understanding of the rules.

Tool-Box Safety Training
The primary purpose of this training is to enable all personnel to take a few minutes to clear their minds of everything except the safety of themselves and their associates.

Safety Assessment Scorecard
We give each location a quarterly safety assessment, which provides a numerical score of their results.

Eagle Eye Award
This award recognizes employees who have shown the ability to foresee potentially serious or life-threatening situations. An Eagle Eye recipient receives a certificate, an eagle pin, and a monetary reward.

Attaboy/Attagirl Award
We bestow this award to employees who recognize an unsafe situation and go out of their way to correct it.

Take Two
Everyone must take two minutes frequently throughout their shift to ensure all employees understand each procedure they are about to do.

Gold, Silver, or Bronze Spike Awards
Each year, safety awards are given based on our incident frequency and severity index.

We work hard every day to continually improve our safety record to make this our safest year yet.

For more information about Railserve’s approach to safety, please call 1-800-345-RAIL, or contact us.

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