How is Railserve Different from other Rail Switching Service Providers?

Railserve differentiates itself by its approach to safety.

Safety is not a program — it is a core value. Our behavior-based interviewing process develops a team of people with this vitally important value. Our actions must show our commitment to safety. Our employees must believe it, and we must inspire others to share it.

We believe that all incidents are preventable. Proper procedures, good training, and careful auditing ensure consistent, safe performance.

Railserve improves safe performance further by systematically adding technology. Technology is what makes our safety system real. Through several patented products, Railserve is well ahead of the industry standard. We continue to identify and apply solutions to achieve even better execution.

Moreover, we have salaried management personnel at each location. We also have Regional Leaders (of both Safety and Operations) who oversee 5–10 sites. Regional Leaders provide each site with support, encouragement, and direction.

We invest in our team by providing excellent compensation and benefits for all employees.

Railserve’s parent company is the $8.0B Marmon Holdings Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company. Marmon provides the financial support to invest in our customers’ growth. We are stable because we are well-managed and have qualified people and proven processes.

By anticipating, meeting, and exceeding customer expectations, Railserve earns recognition in several ways:

  • Contractor of the Year – By major companies.
  • New locations – New customers who have never done business with Railserve have chosen Railserve as their switching provider.
  • New locations for existing customers: Based on Railserve’s performance at existing sites, customers have chosen Railserve to operate additional sites.
  • Expanded business at existing locations: Based on Railserve’s performance at existing sites, customers have broadened their scope of work (added track maintenance, truck shuttles, and product handling).

Railserve differentiates itself through its:

  • Experience – We have the longest tenure, safest results, and strongest parent company.
  • Results – Demonstrated consistent, reliable performance at major manufacturing/production plants in the US, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Processes – Defined, documented, and measurable safety program.
  • Management Team – Customers have easy access to all levels of Railserve management. Railserve management works as a team and understands customers’ objectives.
  • Technology – Railserve’s patented technology makes our safety system real.
  • Trust – Railserve is a company of integrity. We are open and honest in our abilities and actions at all levels.

Railserve’s Vision

  • A place to work where people feel good to be a part of this company
  • Sustained growth and opportunity for our employees
  • All operations are able to function on their own within a given set of boundaries.
  • The safest and best service provider in our industry
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