Improve Rail Yard Safety with Railserve Technology

Better Communication and Training Improves Safety while Lowering Costs

Railserve is continuously improving safety methods and technology for the industrial rail yard. Railserve’s connected rail yard is a safer rail yard. The following is a partial list of technology and safety procedures we employ at Railserve operations.

Railserve Technology

Yard Tracker icon

Yard Tracker

Yard Tracker is Railserve’s web-based software that helps you keep track of rail cars and their contents. Yard Tracker helps increase efficiency and capacity with detailed reporting features.

REAct Safety icon

REAct Device

REAct is a safety device used at all Railserve operations. It enables employees to stop the train without communication to the engineer.

LEAF® Locomotive

The LEAF Genset switching locomotive saves fuel and emissions, and is easy to maintain. Learn more about the Railserve LEAF locomotive at

GPS tracking icon

GPS Technology

GPS technology provides real-time monitoring of locomotive speed and impacts, throttle control, REAct Alerts/Reports, and crew tracking.

Locomotive Cameras icon

Locomotive Cameras

Locomotive Cameras record continuous audio & video of the front, rear and inside the cab.

Dome Wedge icon

Dome Wedge

Dome Wedge keeps tank car domes fixed and stable.

LOPC safety device icon

LOPC Device

LOPC Device prevents leaks from the bottom outlet valves on tank cars during active loading.

Derail Light icon

Derail Light

Derail Light, also from Focused Technology Solutions, is a device that helps to prevent accidental derails caused by human error. Derail Light includes a cloud-based interface to allow for automatic reporting to any smart device.

Sill Step Extenders

Sill Step Extenders alleviate fatigue and reduces potential slips when riding on the side of certain types of cars.

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For more information about Railserve’s approach to safety, please call 1.800.345.RAIL, or send us a message.