Track Maintenance is at the Base of Your Supply Chain.

Railroad Track Maintenance

Ensure a Steady Flow of Railcars with a Good Track Maintenance Plan.

As an experienced 3rd-party rail operator, we know the importance of having a well-maintained, hardened infrastructure to support the flow of railcars on and off the site. Therefore, Railserve provides full-scale, nested, in-plant track maintenance to compliment the railcar switching and material handling services that we perform for our clients.

On-Site Track Maintenance

Our on-site track maintenance crews can change out crossties and switch timbers. We can raise, correct cross-level, machine tamp and dress out track and much more. Railserve can also leverage our sister company, Ameritrack Rail, for heavy track maintenance, capital projects, including new construction.

Railserve provides specialized knowledge and services, including:

  • Customized operational plans for preventive track maintenance
  • Track inspections with prioritized action-items
  • Management and administration of all track-related materials
  • Coordination and administration of track capital project vendors
  • Leverage existing track maintenance labor for capital projects with Ameritrack Rail
  • Convenient On-Site Service

  • Routine Inspections

  • Maintain Safety & Compliance

  • Source for New Track Construction

Railroad Track Construction and Heavy Maintenance & Repair

Railserve’s sister company, Ameritrack Rail is a full-service railroad contractor. Ameritrack Rail provides excellent service and quality work at a competitive price. From offices in Indiana, Kansas, and Texas, Ameritrack Rail serves customers throughout the contiguous United States.

Services include:

  • New Rail Construction
  • Railroad Track Design Services
  • Shortline Maintenance
  • Track Rehabilitation

Ameritrack Rail is a Marmon / Berkshire Hathaway Company.

New Railroad Track Construction
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