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Marmon Railroad Services is now the home for Ameritrack, the LEAF locomotive, Locomotive Maintenance, Air Brakes, and the Focused Technology innovations. This group is closely aligned with the Railserve On-Site Services business as part of Marmon Rail.

Product & Services by Marmon

LEAF Locomotive
LEAF GenSet Locomotive

LEAF® Locomotive Sales

The LEAF® Genset Locomotive maximizes tractive effort while minimizing fuel costs and emissions.

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Locomotive Repair
Marmon Railroad Services

Locomotive Service

Locomotive maintenance & repair to keep your locomotive fleet working and compliant 24/7.

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Marmon Railroad Services

Locomotive Brakes

One place for your brake needs, including repair & return, unit exchange, system upgrades, and new sales.

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Photo of new railroad track construction
Ameritrack Rail

Railroad Construction & Maintenance

Full-service rail contractor providing engineering & design, track construction, maintenance, and emergency service.

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Storage Tank Repair Photo
Prolium Storage Tank Maintenance Experts

Storage Tank Construction & Repair

Above ground oil tank construction, repair & maintenance, and experts in project management.

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Proterra Storage Tank Cleaning

Storage Tank Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning above ground storage tanks, vessels, bullets and towers for oil and gas companies across Canada

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Photo SpikeEase, a tool for railroad spike removal

Railroad Tools & Technology

Innovative technology that makes the railroad industry safer and more productive.

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Trackmobile Viking

Railcar Moving Equipment

Trackmobile is the leading manufacturer of railcar moving equipment specifically intended for industrial locations.

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