UTLX and Procor Provide the Largest Railcar Repair Network in North America

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On-site Railcar Repair & Maintenance

Get Railcar Repair from Our Mobile Repair Crews or Dedicated On-site Personnel

UTLX and Procor field services have the most extensive mobile and on-site/mini-shop repair network in North America. Our mobile repair crews can perform many repairs in the field, enabling customers to avoid freight charges and downtime. In addition, we can provide dedicated on-site teams at your facilities to service cars over a long-term basis, including the execution of preventative and predictive maintenance plans.

Field service core offerings include the following:

  • Valve and fitting service
  • Truck inspection and maintenance
  • Pre-load/pre-trip inspections
  • Hatch cover and gate repairs
  • Brake shoes and air brake testing
  • Certified welding and weld inspection
  • Coupler and draft systems repairs
  • Safety appliance repair
  • Stenciling and reporting marks
With more than 100 field service locations across North America, UTLX and Procor can help customers determine the optimal solution to reduce freight costs and improve fleet utilization.

Service Equipment Repairs and Inspections

Repair teams are equipped to inspect, repair, and replace a wide variety of service equipment components on tank cars, including:

  • Pressure relief devices
  • Closures and fittings
  • Devices used for loading, unloading, venting, or sampling
  • Vacuum relief valves
  • Gaskets and fasteners including eyebolts

UTLX and Procor can help ensure that these components comply with regulations to protect personnel, the environment and prevent contamination.

Mobile Railcar Repair Service

  • Avoid Freight Charges & Downtime

  • Convenient On-site Crews

  • Preventative Maintenance Plans

  • Maintain OSHA / FRA Compliance

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