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The Largest In-Plant Rail Switching Service in North America

Railserve is the largest provider of in-plant switching and associated services with 65+ operations, 1,000+ employees, and over 30 years of experience. We believe that we are judged by the company we keep and that “company” includes 16 customers in the Fortune 500, 3 of the top privately owned companies, and 6 top internationally owned companies.

Railserve is a “pure play” rail services provider. It is our only business. Our business is to provide safe and reliable rail services for major manufacturing companies.  Our parent company is the $7.0B Marmon Group (a Berkshire Hathaway company) which provides the financial support to invest in our customers’ growth.  We are stable because we are well managed and are well managed because we have qualified people and proven processes.

Railserve differentiates itself by its approach to safety.  It is not just a program, it is a core value. We develop this value by recruiting people who possess this trait through our behavior-based interviewing process. The only way for Railserve to earn the opportunity to provide service is for our organization to be genuinely committed to safety - our actions must demonstrate it, our employees must believe it, and we must inspire others (employees and our customers) to share that core value.

How is Railserve different from other in-plant rail switching services?

We differentiate ourselves by having salaried management personnel at each location and Regional Leaders (of both Safety and Operations) who oversee 5–10 sites to provide each site with support, encouragement, and direction.  We invest in our team by providing an excellent compensation and benefits plan for all employees.

By anticipating, meeting, and exceeding customer expectations, Railserve earns recognition itself in several ways:

Railserve differentiates itself through its:

Railserve's Vision


To get your supply chain moving, call Railserve at 1-800-345-RAIL

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