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Easily Keep Track of Your Switching Operation with Yard Tracker

Increase efficiency with Railserve Yard Tracker

Yard Tracker is Railserve’s web-based application that allows the user to maintain and track rail cars in a customer’s rail yard. The application can be tailored to each customer’s facility by specifying the yards, tracks, commodities, and departments unique to each location. It's easy to use for both customers and Railserve employees and features drag and drop functionality to relocate cars in the yard. With a few clicks, current car status can be updated individually or by selecting groups of cars on a track. The user can also right-click any car in the yard and get an on-screen list of the car’s history showing each move or change of status for both the current and each previous time the car was on the yard.

Cars can be automatically loaded into Yard Tracker via EDI. Railserve worked with several class one railroads to receive 418’s electronically on behalf of the customer. Cars can also be loaded manually or imported from a standard flat file.

The Location Status window provides an overview of where cars are on the yard. This portion of the application works much like a spreadsheet table allowing the user to group, sort, and filter cars on the yard.

The user can also use this section to generate ad hoc reports. Yard Tracker also has standard reports to help both the customer and switchman review and manage the cars in the yard. Each report can be printed or saved in a number of formats including PDF and office file types. Railserve is proud to offer this application to increase efficiencies at customer locations and looks forward to continued enhancements.

Learn more about tracking your rail yard with Yard Tracker, call Railserve at 1.800.345.RAIL


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